Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Dems set to pounce on Ohio scandals

Flash - a pulse may have just been found in the Ohio Democratic Party! Good god - it may be alive!

The Dispatch says that the Democratic National Committee and ODP chief Denny White met yesterday to make plans to put a fork in the Ohio GOP:
After meeting in Washington yesterday with DNC Chairman Howard Dean and the six Democrats in Ohio’s congressional delegation, White said the national party promised "substantial resources" this year and in 2006 to help Democrats capitalize on the Republican scandals.

"There’s definitely an opportunity there," said DNC spokesman Luis Miranda. "That’s why we’re investing in the state party."

On Tuesday, the state Democratic Party began airing a 30-second cable TV ad saying that Taft and other GOP politicians funneled state money to Noe and other politically connected donors and ignored the state’s economic problems.

White said the TV spot is the first of a continuing barrage aimed at "keeping these Republican scandals in front of Ohioans."
The ODP has a link to view the commercial (Realmedia) at it's homepage. (Would someone who knows what the hell they are doing please, please, please take over the ODP's web production. If there is a worse state DP homepage elsewhere, we'd love to know about it.)


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