Friday, June 24, 2005


"He's not evil, just a doofus"

We've been saying this for years:
“There is no evidence that I can see that Taft was venal, perhaps just incompetent,” said Mr. Sabato, director of the nonpartisan, nonprofit political organization. “Impeachment is pretty drastic, especially considering there is a gubernatorial election in 2006.”
It should be noted that Mr. Sabato also said that impeachment should hold a special place in the politics and that the legislature should whip out that heinous mojo only when:
“pure criminal corruption of some sort” has taken place.
Mr. Sabato explained that 50% criminal and 50% stupid was simply not enough. 100% stupid was clearly out of bounds. He also added later that legislators should also make exceptions if your name was Householder or Hicks.


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