Thursday, June 23, 2005


"Students, Gov. Taft is going to be kind enough to explain what ethics is all about."

Apparently Bob Taft had ambitions to be the Emily Post of ethics, but Julie Carr Smyth jabs and twists the fork in our governor in a funny piece in the Plain Dealer today:
Gov. Bob Taft gave some ethics advice to a Cincinnati symposium six weeks ago: "Public servants must pay if they want to play."

Taft told participants in the Xavier University event: "Public employees can enjoy entertainment, such as golf or dining out, with persons working for a regulated company, or one doing business with the state, ONLY if they fully pay their own way."

[. . .]

In his May remarks at the ethics symposium, Taft urged caution: "When dealing with public officials and employees, please keep the following tips in mind: Thank you notes beat thank you gifts; gifts to public employees are strictly limited, and the safest course of action is to not give any."
Of course, by "gifts" Taft wasn't referring to actual money. Cash is always polite in Ohio.


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