Tuesday, June 14, 2005


Voinovich AWOL on anti-lynching vote?

This is weird, but according to all of the original and amended co-sponsor lists (here, here and here) for SRes 39, the "apologizing for not passing anti-lynching laws" Senate resolution, our own George Voinovich failed to sign on.

Any explanations? Is this right?

UPDATE 12:15 pm:
From a commentator at Americablog:
I just called my Senator (Voinovich) to ask what's going on. They said they have no explanation at this time as for why he didn't put his name on the resolution. The guy answering phones took down my name and address and promised a letter within the next 10 days. Very odd. Considering how easily the Senator trounced Fingerhut last fall, I wouldn't think he'd need to worry so much about all the yokels south of Cleveland...
Stay tuned.


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