Tuesday, June 14, 2005


Voinovich, DeWine more vulnerable?

During the last few senatorial elections, Ohio Democrats have treated Mike DeWine and George Voinovich as unbeatable and only thrown up token opponents.

But a new SurveyUSA poll (click on the names to get the crosstabs) of U.S. Senators' approval ratings suggest DeWine and Voinovich may have more vulnerabilities than the Dems give them credit for, and it clearly shows that the duo rank near the bottom in the approval ratings compared to their peers.

The poll shows that during the first week of June 2005, only 50% approved of the job Voinovich was doing and 37% disapproved. His approval rating ranked him 81st out of 100.

Likewise for DeWine, 44% approved of the job he was doing and 43% disapproved. He ranked 94th out of 100.

At the other end of the spectrum Barack Obama ranked #1 with 72% approval. The top third of the list had ratings of 60% or better. In comparison, Mike and George appear to be on shaky ground.


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