Sunday, June 12, 2005


What's new on Coingate and MDL

Today's papers have a couple of new wrinkles. Here is a synopsis:

Lay claims his hedge scheme was MDL's first. Translation: He and Terry Gasper started out cocky but quickly discovered they were way over their heads, but BWC knew about it all.

Dispatch managing editor Ben Marrison takes the somewhat rare and step of directly commenting on a news story and calls on Taft for full disclosure of weekly BWC reports. Translation: Bob Taft now can add "bumbling liar" to the list of his other bumbling attributes.

Chris Kirkpatrick of the Blade says Jim Petro feels confident he can pursue the case against MDL U.S. courts instead of in Bermuda. Translation: Petro is pretty much screwed and better start boning up on the British court system.

The Blade's Steve Eder also reports that the Noe story is starting to get stronger national legs. Translation: Outrageous levels of campaign money laundering and corruption are starting to give credibility to allegations of serious irregularities in the conduct of Ohio's 2004 elections.

Bill Hershey of the Dayton Daily News weighs in on how much harm the various scandals will do to GOP candidates in future elections. Translation: Despite the tremendous opportunity that has developed, it's not cynical to suggest that the Ohio Democratic Party structure(s) may be incapable of organizing a viable vision, campaign and set of candidates as an alternative to the GOP's culture of corruption.

Finally, from this past Friday, the PD reports that National City Bank is accusing Tom Noe of stiffing the firm to the tune of over $203,000. Translation: The pirahnas are in the water.


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