Monday, June 20, 2005


Who will be Bruce Johnson's Lt. Governor?

There is a game going around the wateringholes, bistros and steak houses in Columbus. The game is putting together the short list of whom Bruce Johnson will pick for his Lieutenant Governor when Taft resigns.

Taft resigns?!?!? Aw, come on - you don't really think the Ohio GOP isn't looking for a scapegoat now, are you? Really? And, hmm, maybe after the budget gets put to bed on July 1 . . . Besides, we understand that Taft really wants to get back to his golf game. . .

Anyway, back to the list, who might be good for the job?

Maybe its a position that the GOP might want to return a big screw-up to - say, a Jeanette Bradley?

Or maybe its a way to again try to promote a potential star who has been disappointment so far - say a David Goodman?

Or maybe its a stepping for ambitious pols like Steve Austria or John Carey?

Let the guessing begin!


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