Thursday, July 14, 2005


ABJ Editorial: Karl the hardballer

Another "extreme" editiorial board weighs in on Rove. From the Beacon Journal:
After months of pretending otherwise, the president and his team now face the reality that Rove did have something to do with the unmasking of a CIA covert operative. An illegal something? That's for the special prosecutor to decide. The White House must first address the political problem.

What better way to do so than to fudge, Clinton style? Republicans have been parsing furiously, proclaiming that Rove didn't actually use the name of the agent and may not have known that she was operating under cover. They insist Rove was merely playing the capable editor, guiding Matthew Cooper of Time away from a dubious story.

Karl the noble? Try the hardballer. Rove sought no less than to discredit an administration critic, Joseph Wilson, the husband of the agent and the former diplomat sent by the CIA to explore whether Iraq had tried to buy nuclear weapons fuel in Africa, as the White House wanted the country to believe. Come to think of it, that was so much spin, too.
Let's see, that leaves the score this way:


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