Monday, July 11, 2005


Cherie pie

So, Cherie Carroll - event planner, White House travel agent extraordinaire and Brian Hicks' secretary while in the Taft administration - all that time had an untapped "super lobbyist" bottled up inside of her? Who knew? Snaps to you, girl!

From Julie Carr Smyth at the PD:
Carroll, a Mechanicsburg native with a high school education, had a key role in the early days of Hicks Partners. She landed contracts, under her own name, with Envision and five other clients while Hicks was prohibited from lobbying in Ohio during the first year after he left state government, according to state records.
And after her hard work of lobbying for them for a year, what does that mean ole' Brian do to sweet Cherie?
Within weeks of his ban being lifted, Hicks registered to represent all six himself.

Actually, this is not a new revelation. This had been reported by the the papers several months ago. We just wanted to remind everyone that:
On May 23, Charles asked Taft’s office for telephone and e-mail records as well as the personnel files for Hicks, Carroll, [Orest] Holubec and [Douglas] Talbott. He said he had found during his investigation that “certain members of the governor’s staff may have received lodging accommodations and other items” from Noe.
We already know that Hick's got the AAA+ discount at Chez Noe in Florida, that Talbott got a no-interest loan for a downpayment on his Lake Erie home from Noe, and that Tom picked up the tab for Cherie's trip to Bush's 2001 Inauguration.
But, Charles' reference "lodging accommodations and other items" seems to describe something broader.

And, Charles has yet to release his report on his investigation. We hear that may happen soon.


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