Thursday, July 28, 2005


Confidential, my ass

Sen. Dann's drilling of Kate Bartter reveals:
1. Reports aren't necessarily written by Cabinet Members but sometimes by members of their staff.

2. The reports are widely circulated to more than 20 different people in the office. They are not treated as "eyes only" but dropped off to mailboxes and administrative assistants to even 3rd level staff in the Governor's Office.

3.They are kept in an unlocked file cabinet ( not to be confused with the Governor's Cabinet) in the hallway outside Kate Bartter's office. (stop and pick some out next time you visit the 30th Floor of the Riffe Center in Columbus)

4. No one told anyone, neither the writers nor the recipients of the weekly reports to expect that they are confidential.
Okay, well that about wraps that executive privilege thingy up . . .


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