Thursday, July 14, 2005


Dayton Daily: Bush still misleads on Rove, Iraq

In contrast to yesterdays stench from the Plain Dealer, today we can enjoy a fresh air from the lead editorial in Dayton's paper:
The facts so far don't show Mr. Rove definitively doing anything illegal. But he did try to discredit a critic of the president; he did allow the White House to put out wrong information; and he did let a reporter twist in the wind for two years, in a determined effort to protect himself. (Another reporter also is in jail.)

And the CIA should not have to worry about political operatives putting out any information about intelligence officers.

If a Democrat had done such a thing, Republicans would be accusing him of being willing to do anything in the name of politics, even undermining the country.
We took some heat yesterday for criticizing the PD. Several critics challenged us to find other editorials better than the PD's limp offering that was sprinkled with RNC talking points.

Challenge taken, as we will be certain to monitor the Ohio press for editorials on Rove and post the results. We're fairly certain the PD's defenders on the left will have second thoughts.


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