Tuesday, July 19, 2005


House Dems issue executive privilege recusal demand

We complained on Sunday about the fact that a bigger stink wasn't being made about the members of the Ohio Supreme Court who were not recusing themselves from hearing State Sen. Marc Dann's challenge of Taft's executive privilege defense of his withholding documents that may be key to answering who knew what and when.

As plaintiff and someone who will appear before the court, Dann would be in an awkward situation of asking for the recusal, himself.

Maybe our complaints were heard because the Blade reports that the Ohio House Democrats on Monday stepped forward to publicize the OSC's own potential ethics problem:
House Minority Leader Chris Redfern (D., Catawba Island) wrote in a letter yesterday to Chief Justice Moyer:

"It would seem that the public's respect for the judicial system could be threatened if judges who received campaign contributions from Governor Taft play a role deciding court cases concerning him."

Mr. Taft, his wife, and his gubernatorial campaign committee since 2002 have given $9,900 to Justice Evelyn Lundberg Stratton; $9,900 to Justice Maureen O'Connor; $2,500 to Chief Justice Moyer; $2,500 to Justice Judith Ann Lanzinger, and $2,500 to Justice Terrence O'Donnell, Ohio campaign finance records show.

The same five justices recused themselves from hearing public records lawsuits filed by The Blade in May. They had received more than $23,000 in contributions from Toledo-area coin dealer Tom Noe.


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