Friday, July 15, 2005


Kasich, trial balloons and unnamed sources

Has anyone else noticed that, more and more, the Dispatch is playing fast and loose with unnamed sources. Maybe it's an undiagnosed case of millercooperitis, but it seems that the editors have an "anything goes" when it comes to running comments from people who don't want to be named.

We have no particular quarrel with people that want to provide background information, have no real stake in the matter and aren't trying to spin a story. On the other hand, it's a load of crap to protect a source over what amounts to a political gossip game when the source has some poker chips in the pot.

Take, for example, this bit of doublejointed flimflammery in the Dispatch this morning:
A source close to Kasich said the former Westerville congressman told him that if he were elected governor, "Heads would spin and cronyism would be ended. It would be a total do-over, and you can bet that Democrats would be involved in the government and in the solutions."
Ssshhhh! Don't tell anyone, but we are 99.9999% sure that "source close to Kasich" is one Tim Timkens, the kazillionaire bearings scion from Canton.

Tim has been shopping the Kasich-for-Governor plan to all his backslappin' buds and a few select members of the Statehouse steno pool for about 10 days now. (If Tim hasn't called you by now, bitches, it means you ain't shit in the capital city.)

So, now that you know it was Timkens, ask yourself: Is there any conceivable professional reason why the Dispatch should run the story without naming him. Doesn't it seem like the public deserves to know that one of the richest, most powerful families in the state is trying to dictate whom the next friggin' governor will be?

Let's not forget the second half of that sentence, the part about how Kasich is going to clean up the cronyism and share his bed with the Democrats. Cheeze-n-crackers-got-all-muddy, is Timkens really going to try to convince us that John is Ghandi, U Thant, and the Lone Ranger all wrapped up in one Super Savior?

Let's do a very brief Q & A about John Kasich for those that forget:
Ladies and gentlemen, he's just what Ohio has been missing to be great: A Fox fascista who's already 100% in the control of the likes of AEP, First Energy, Nationwide, Merck, Timken, National City, Fifth Third, AMD, BP, ExxonMobil, CIGNA and GSK? Heck, it sure would do away with all that messy pay-to-play stuff that Marc Dann keeps complaining about. He's already bought and paid for!

In short, he's one of the few Republicans that could actually make Taft look good in comparison. And a curse on those reporters who enjoy carrying the water of the likes of Tim Timken.

[UPDATE: Brian also posts about this here, and one of his readers post this nice-and-brief summary of why Kasich is no moderate.]


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