Monday, July 18, 2005


PD treats Hackett with respect

[Updated to fix PD link]
Today's Plain Dealer has a nice profile of Paul Hackett, emphasizing the veterans'/Iraq perspective he could bring to Congress.
Cleveland-born Hackett, who went to Case Western Reserve University and Cleveland State University's law school, is playing up his wartime duty. The 43-year-old also touts the fact that he's a gun buff and holds a state license to pack a concealed weapon. He has shown up at some campaign appearances aboard a high-chromed Harley-Davidson "Fat Boy" motorcycle.

It gets him some looks. About 80,000 of the district's 631,000 residents are veterans.

"He talks right for down here, which is a pretty conservative area," [a veteran and voter in Hackett's district] said.
Even if his campaign is a longshot, Hackett should be groomed as a candidate for other offices in the future. We know that strategic thinking has never been Denny White's strong suit, but Hackett is obviously such a good candidate that we cannot fathom why more state and national Democratic campaign money is not flowing into his campaign to at least give him some exposure and raise his profile in the region.


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