Wednesday, July 13, 2005


Plain Dealer: Wanker de luxe

We still remember when the Plain Dealer had serious pretentions about being in the same league as the Times and WaPo. Now is settled for being the same league as Fox News. From today's editorial:
However, case-watchers say there appears little chance that Rove will be prosecuted; there's considerable question as to whether the woman, Valerie Plame, was indeed a covert agent, and his motivation had nothing to do with impairing intelligence operations, as the law demands. He has appeared three times before a grand jury investigating the matter. [emphasis added].
When you resort to killing stories (can we call it pre-emptive martyrdom?) and running RNC talking points in your editorials, you've pretty thumbed your nose at the Pulitzer committee.

Maybe Doug Clifton can audition to be the stand when John Gibson goes on vacation.


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