Wednesday, July 06, 2005


Signature gatherers con public with Blackwell amendment

We have heard numerous field reports that the employees being used by Ken Blackwell to garner petition signatures to get his pet amendment on the ballot are playing fast and loose with the truth.

Seems there are a lot of witnesses that have documented some of their illegal activities that have included lying about the purpose of the amendment, failing to provide the actual language of the amendment, and playing the ol' "bait and switch" with the amendment issues.

As a matter of fact, we had our own personal experience with several of these scumbag petition jockeys trying to bamboozle the crowd at the recent Columbus Comfest.

We didn't seek them out. While walking in a very conjested part of the festival, we suddenly had a petition shoved in our face by some asshole in an off-the-shelf tie dye, jabbering away about how we should sign this "so we could get our taxes lowered."

Taxes lower? We asked, "Is this the amendment being support by Kenny Blackwell?"

They said yes, and agained rushed us to sign. We took his clipboard, looked at all the signature pages that were attached and noticed that the amendment language was nowhere to be found. Trying to sound earnest, we asked if we could read the amendment before signing. Our guy suddenly had a look of panic and dashed off to consult with his partners. Eventually he brought back several beat up sheets of paper that described - get this - the Reform Ohio Now initiatives, a set of three amendments that are actually good and have nothing to do with Blackwell's garbage.

Keeping up the earnest front, we looked at his sheets and again asked him if he was sure that his petition was for the Blackwell amendment. He assured us it was. We then threw his clipboard on the ground and walked away.

We saw others confronting these guys, but unfortunately their "lower your taxes" patter was fooling a number of people into signing.

However, kudos go to the Comfest organizers for getting their MCs to warn the crowd about the petitions and urging them not to sign.


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