Sunday, July 31, 2005


Slime-o-the-day: Fritz Wenzel

Via Atrios, the ex-Blade political writer was apparently advising Jean Schmidt's campaign while still working at the paper.

Editor & Publisher runs with the story in it's Monday online edition, but the leg work seems to have been done by the Toledo City Paper, and the Lucas County Dems who have had a web page dedicated to Wenzel's dubious reporting for some time.

Wenzel, himself, has had a smarmy blog that is fun to dig thru (play with the url). To give you a sense of what kind of weasel he was, check out this wheedling:
Also not fading is former GOP chairman Bernadette Noe. She was honored last night for her service to the party, then held up a copy of yesterday's Toledo Free Press, reminding those present to check out her new column (Great picture, Bernie!). But that's not all. A new television talk show and radio program are in the works. Talk about multi-tasking.
Hopefully Bernie's multi-tasking in the future will consist of doing laundry and license plates.


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