Thursday, July 14, 2005


Taft: Panic mode setting in?

You know it's got to be the start of bad day when Taft gets up in the morning to see headlines like this:
and polling like this that shows he is universally despised by virtually every sex, race, age and ideology.

One might be tempted to think he'd head back to bed and pull the covers over his head.

But Taft and his cohorts have long given up on salvaging their reputation. Damage control to his image would, obviously, be futile and a diversion from the bigger problems. Now this circle is in full defensive mode with their goal to keep their ass out of jail and contain the growing scandal.

Readers better believe that what's at stake with Marc Dann's executive privilege lawsuit is not just about BWC. The documents and reports that Taft is trying to shield may help connect the dots with other investigations having to do with unbid contracts.

We will have more on this last point in a post later today.


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