Wednesday, July 13, 2005


Taft thumbs nose at subpoenas

Gov. Bob has official notified State Sen. Marc Dann that he intends to ignore his subpoena to provide a deposition on his executive privilege claim. More precisely, state AG Jim Petro, who is representing the governor's office in this matter, was who notified Dann and the courts. CoinsForChange has the scoop here.

Dann's attorney, Fred Gittes, promised, in response to turn up the heat. From his response to the AG's office:
I urge you and the Governor to reconsider your position by tomorrow afternoon. In the absence of further modification of your position, particularly as to the Governor who is asserting the privilege, I will be forced to file a motion to compel the witnesses’ testimony with the Court and seek an appropriate extension as to the filing of evidence.
Although you can't be 100% certain about these things, we have to believe that most courts are going to frown on the defendent unilaterally deciding who can and can't provide a deposition. We also believe that the courts are not going to be sympathtic to blanket refusals that cover people no longer in public service, i.e., Brian Hicks.

The blog also reports that Petro has hired Columbus law firm Porter, Wright, Morris & Arthur to help him with the case. So that means that Taft not only has a criminal defense team to protect him from pending ethics charges, but he also has an attorney for his various suits, plus his attorneys now have attorneys. How in the hell does Taft keep them all straight?


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