Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Taft to fight deposition?

More bad news for Taft. The state's Supreme Court - recused of several members who have connection a connection to Tom Noe - has agreed to consider whether Gov. Bob Taft can continue to claim executive privilege in order to block the release of memos, reports, calendars and other documents related to several BWC scandals.

One of the juiciest developments is that this would allow the deposition of Taft, but it appears that a separate fight may loom over just that issue. From the Plain Dealer:
The high court ordered an expedited schedule for the parties in the complaint, which was filed last week by Sen. Marc Dann, a Youngstown Democrat.

Dann is fighting for access to weekly reports that Taft's office received from Conrad and Jim Samuel, Taft's BWC liaison.

Conrad resigned amid a burgeoning scandal touched off by the agency's investment with rare-coin dealer Tom Noe, a generous Republican contributor and fund-raiser. Taft demoted Samuel.

Dann said he considers the court's decision to take his complaint a victory, and said he hopes to depose several key players in the case who might have information about the memos, including Taft and his former chief of staff, Brian Hicks.

Rickel said the governor's office intends to comply with the court's order, but attorneys are still reviewing issues surrounding a deposition of the governor.

The court's order gives both parties five days to collect and present evidence, 10 days each to file briefs, and five days for final reply.
We will try to post later about what the timing of such an expedited schedule would be.


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