Tuesday, August 02, 2005


Back from the field . . . Hackett results 10:45 PM

[ UPDATED 10:45]
Damn - what a nail biter, but it's already a defeat to the GOP:

WTF? no updates at WCPO-TV, Bd. of Election orthe Enquirer since 9:59 PM

With 662 precincts of 753 reporting
JEAN SCHMIDT 49,681 50%
PAUL HACKETT 48,811 50%

Adding to the mystery is that all of the counties have reported except for Clermont County where 91 precincts are still unreported.

The sounds of "recount" are starting to echo thru the verdant hills of Southern Ohio.

Just remember these words from the veteran observer Charlie Cook:
"If Schmidt's victory margin is in double digits, this tells us that there is not much of an anti-GOP wind in Ohio right now.

"If the margin is say six to nine points for Schmidt, then there is a wind, but certainly no hurricane.

"A Schmidt win of less than five points should be a very serious warning sign for Ohio Republicans that something is very, very wrong, while a Hackett victory would be a devastating blow to the Ohio GOP."


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