Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Cordray to announce for state treasurer

The list of candidates for Ohio seats in 2006 is about to change.

Our sources tell us that Franklin County Treasurer Richard Cordray will formally announce in the next 48 hours that he will be running for State Treasurer, the first Democrat to do so. We haven't heard of any other Dems seriously thinking about that race, and Cordray of formidable enough to scare off a lot of would-be candidates. [UPDATE] Apparently we have been asleep on this race. Montgomery County's Hugh Quill has previously announced that he is also running for Democratic nomination for state treasurer.

Presuming that turns out to be the case, it would but him the Democrat's candidate in a contentious but highly-winnable race with Jennette Bradley, someone who has never impressed us with much campaign ability, especially one that must be run statewide.

Cordray always struck us as be capable and squeaky clean. He beat his head against the wall as a State Representive for several years, but he will probably be haunted by his pop-culture fame as a multi-champion of Jeopardy.


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