Monday, August 15, 2005


Corlett says $$ was factor in TABOR/TEL retreat

We are a little behind in our reading, but we thought some of John Corlett's comments from last week that appeared in The Hannah Report (subscription only) are worth repeating. Corlett, it should be noted, is a pretty savvy guy and one of the brains behind the Center for Community Solutions based in Cleveland, and thinks money had something to do with Blackwell's decision:
Corlett also noted that the latest campaign finance report showed that a recently formed group, Ohioans for Responsible Government with "strong ties to one person," has contributed nearly 75 percent of the total amount raised by Citizens for Tax Reform [Blackwell's group supporting the TEL]. "It's reasonable to ask whether Ohioans for Responsible Government, which has strong Republican connections, pulled the plug on the 2005 TABOR [Taxpayers' Bill of Rights] effort. Back in January 2005, Citizens for Tax Repeal claimed to have $1 million in pledges for their effort -- but with only 93 days until the election, the group reported raising only $304,000. Clearly their fundraising efforts were lagging.

"[. . .] any effort to raise money for a pro-TABOR effort in 2006 will face competition from fundraising efforts designed to protect majority control of the statewide offices and the Legislature."
It's no secret that "one person" with strong ties to Ohioans for Responsible Government that Corlett refers to is David Brennan, who has a vested interest in the demise of the public school system.

Corlett makes another money-related point that some others have missed:
The fact that "Colorado has a measure on their ballot this fall to suspend the TABOR limit for five years was extremely inconvenient for Ohio's TABOR proponents. Much of the pro-TABOR national money will go to fend off the Colorado suspension proposal, because if TABOR supporters lose in Colorado it will hamper efforts to spread the idea nationwide.
We'll have more on the current Colorado fight later today.


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