Thursday, August 25, 2005


If only the other 11.4 million Ohioans could do the same thing

Seitz kept losing track of the governor and did not know where he was.
Seitz happens to be Bob Taft's personal body guard, who apparently was more concerned about boobs than the state's big boob:
The head of Gov. Bob Taft's security detail has been demoted after an investigation found that he attended strip clubs in New York, tried to pick up a woman at a bar during Taft's trade mission to Asia and received phone calls at his office from a go-go dancer in Columbus.

A State Highway Patrol report issued Wednesday says the dancer even left her name when she called the governor's Executive Protection Unit in the Riffe Center: "Cinnamon, from Columbus Gold."

Cinnamon was searching for former Patrol Lt. Craig Seitz, who headed Taft's security detail until Friday, when he was busted down to trooper.

If she's still looking for Seitz, she can find him at the patrol post in Granville, 25 miles east of Columbus.
And what's really, really important in Bob Taft's universe? Apparently being pimped out:
The investigator quotes Sgt. Janet Mulder-Yeagley as saying she once "pretty much got chewed out all the way to Cleveland" by Taft because he wanted to be driven in a Ford Expedition and the vehicle wasn't ready because Seitz had neglected to fill the tank.


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