Tuesday, August 30, 2005


More Petro 'pay-to-play' ?

It looks that way. From the PD:
Four of every five dollars requested by Attorney General Jim Petro for special counsel contracts for this fiscal year will go to law firms that have given money to his political campaigns.

. . .

[S]tate Democratic leaders said 41 of the 57 law firms receiving contracts on Monday have given Republican Petro more than $800,000 since 1998. Those same firms yesterday were awarded $15.4 million in contracts.
The Blade provides some of the details:
On the political contribution list, prepared by state Senate staff for Mr. Miller, the highest contributor to Mr. Petro was Hahn, Loesser & Parks LLP, which gave $95,016 since 1998 to the attorney general’s campaigns. The firm was approved for $500,000 in special counsel contracts at the meeting yesterday.

Second on the contribution list was Porter, Wright, Morris & Arthur, which gave about $68,611 to Petro campaigns. The firm was approved yesterday for $1.47 million in special counsel work.

Calfee, Halter & Griswold received the most special counsel work yesterday, $2.15 million worth, and gave $34,250 in political contributions to Mr. Petro since 1998, eighth on the list of 41 firms.

McMillan [sic], Sobanski & Todd gave the least amount, $200. The firm received $175,000 in special counsel work, according to the list.
Hello? MacMillan, Sobanski & Todd? Didn't you read the rules of the game? $200? Don't they teach you how to run with the big dogs in Toledo. (Actually, we are very puzzled by the hiring of MacMillan, Sobanski & Todd. Their specialty is trade secrets, patent, copyright and trademark issues. What the hell would BWC have to do with that?)

The special counsel work looks like it's been a cherry job in the past - if you had the right connections:
In 2003, Mr. Petro appointed Tracy Kidd, who like Ms. [Bernadette] Noe was a part-time lawyer at the Toledo firm of Wise & Dorner, as special counsel to conduct some debt collection.

The appointment meant that Ms. Kidd, and potentially Ms. Noe, would receive as much as one-third of the $245,000 collected during her tenure as special counsel for the state. The standard fee for special counsel is one-third of the first $30,000 of each claim collected, and an additional 10 percent for additional collections. [emphasis added]
Anyone surprised?


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