Friday, August 26, 2005


Ohio's Taliban versus Democracy

Glad to know where the Theocrats Christ-O-Crats stand:
Although it has nothing on the ballot for this year's election, it opposes three proposed constitutional amendments that would change Ohio election law. Johnson criticized the issue's backers as too liberal. He said liberals such as filmmaker Michael Moore and billionaire financier George Soros are behind the scenes of Reform Ohio Now, the group that collected signatures for the issues.

Reform Ohio Now spokesman Keary McCarthy said Moore and Soros have nothing to do with the campaign.

"Clearly they haven't read the amendments we're proposing because the amendments are inclusive to both political parties," McCarthy said.
The comments about Moore and Soros are actually significant. On the one hand, the RON staffers who are responsible for fundraising for the group probably laughed - or cried - when they heard those names being mentioned. It's pretty clear that RON's funding is no where near Soros/Moore money.

However, the comments show something else. They show that the ORP thinks its better to attack the RON backers and not the RON amendments, themselves. They know that the RON backers have linked the amendments to the "culture of corruption" frame. ORP hopes it can get the RON train derailed and off message by attacking the backers.

Lesson: Don't get side-tracked. Stick to the culture of corruption frame. Say it over and over and over . . .


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