Tuesday, August 09, 2005


RON suit thrown out

We have always asserted that the Ohio First suit filed with the Supreme Court to stop RON was very weak. Apparently the Supreme Court agreed. From ONN:
The Ohio Supreme Court has thrown out a lawsuit from a group trying to keep three election-related issues off the November ballot.

The court unanimously dismissed the lawsuit filed by former Senate President Richard Finan on behalf of Ohio First, which he set up to fight the issues.
RON opponents are going to have little ground to fight the amendments or the petitions on technical grounds. Further, they simply can't fight the amendments on their merits until the amendments are approved by voters.

Ohio First and whatever anti-RON groups may have a few more legal tricks up their sleeve, but each is going to be a long shot, and each runs the risk of reinforcing the notion that the opponents want to rob voters of the right to pass some amendments that they believe will help clean up Ohio.


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