Wednesday, August 17, 2005


[Updated] Taft to meet with prosecutors today

In a continuing effort to plea bargain his way out of a mess, Gov. Taft - or at least his criminal defense attorney - will meet with Columbus and Franklin Co. prosecutors to discuss charges referred to them by Ethics Commission.

The Blade today reports the referrals are about "roughly 50" charges. We still hang our hat on the number "52."

As noted by Sen. Marc Dann and ourselves a few days ago, Taft & Co. have not exactly kept their word on full disclosure all of the information that was provided to the Ethics Commission. Taft had promised to release the info after "discussions" with the commission were completed, something that occurred last week. Taft still seems to be playing semantical games about the release of the information. Again from the Blade:
A spokesman for Mr. Taft would not say exactly what records the governor would release publicly today or whether they would mirror information Mr. Meeks provided to the Ethics Commission.
[UPDATE] The Ohio News Network is reporting that charges are expected today:
Prosecutors will meet "to determine what if any charges are appropriate," said Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O'Brien.

He said a decision would likely be made Wednesday because they're already familiar with much of the information contained in the inch-thick pile of documents, including the commission's report.
That's last part is consistent with the unconfirmed rumors that Taft and his attorneys have been plea bargaining behind the scenes for some time.

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