Saturday, August 20, 2005


Yippe-i-o! Talk about a valuable collectible

Calling eBay - there is a bobble-head out there that just went from obscurity to priceless. From the Blade:
A picture of a coin that displayed Mr. Noe's stern profile graced the front of the invitation and some at the event received a bobble-head doll of Mr. Noe.

Inside the invitation, there was a list of the night's chief roasters, which included Mr. Taft, Ohio Attorney General Jim Petro, Senator Voinovich, state Auditor Betty Montgomery, and Ed Adams, vice-chairman of the Ohio Board of Regents. Mr. Petro and Ms. Montgomery are now both Republican candidates for governor.
You know, there is something about this story that makes us want to retch. The thought of these stuff shirts fretting about whether they should be one of Noe's Master Zingers ($1,000 donation), Grand Zinger ($500 donation), Birthday Zinger ($250) - or just a lowly Witness Protection Act ($50 - and, my, how prescient that was) participant, dressing in cowboy outfits while balancing one plate of rips and another with "all of the fixin's" is painful.

Are we awful for have a very sick fantasy of Hope or Bernadette strapping on the chaps latter that evening and jumping on their man-steers for a little buckeye bull ride?

We cling to the hope that there are some joke writers who ghost-wrote the "zingers" that night who might be willing to share their product with us or the Blade.

And, we gotta believe there is a priceless video out there, too.
Buzz Roberts, attorney for Mr. Noe's wife, Bernadette, also said he has information that Mr. Taft knew about the investment because it was spoken of freely at Mr. Noe's Aug. 24, 2004, 50th birthday party and "roast."
It's our understanding that these events always get saved for posterity. Can we all pray that that such a tape exists? Join us now while we bow our heads . . .


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