Friday, September 09, 2005


AP falls for spin on war rallies

Check on the chicanery going on in the headline to the AP story below (actually, the whole story is pretty bad). Get ready because there is going to be plenty of this bullshit being foisted upon the media by Bush, Rove & Co. and the wingnuts in the run up to the Sept. 24-26 period.

ONN/AP headline

A friend of ours called the state AP office to complain, and the editor he spoke to went into full defensive mode and claimed that they couldn't understand what the fuss was about. We explained that Cindy Sheehan would argue that she is more pro-troops than the Freepers. Our friend also alerted the Military Families Speak Out and the Bring Them Home Now groups who are involved in the Sept. 24 rally

The full AP story is now posted on the WaPo website (see below), and we have been told that the original headline was close to the one above. If the headline below is indeed new, it isn't much better, and it still gives a sense of how really unbalanced the entire piece is.

Picture 4

We urge readers to contact the AP as well as the editors of any publication that runs this crap and urge them to substitute a more balanced headline, or preferably, delete the whole story. While our friend hit a brick wall with the AP, he found that the Ohio New Network staffer immediately understood the problem with the story and promised to work on getting some change in place.


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