Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Goodbye, Jennifer Brunner

Jennifer - it's bad enough your ambitions got so strong that you bailed out of your judgeship so soon after your supporters busted their ass to get you on the court. But now we read (a special tip-o-the Hypothetically Speaking hat to Earl for the link) that you oppose at least two of the RON provisions (and it's unclear where you stand on the other two):
Ms. Brunner said yesterday she opposes a proposed constitutional amendment slated for the Nov. 8 election that would strip the office she hopes to hold of its election oversight authority.

She also opposes a proposal to roll back campaign contribution limit.
Jen, we knew you were already going to get whipped in the primary by Mary Jo Kilroy, who - by all accounts - has done an excellent job as a Franklin County Commissioner. Thanks for making Mary Jo's campaign easier.


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