Thursday, September 01, 2005


Jim Petro's wry humor

The storymeister strikes again. What a card!
Asked why he hadn't raised this issue before, Petro said "the issue never came up before."
Ha! Good one, Jim.

No really . . . . . . . oh, that really is your reason? Uh, okay.

Anyway, someone has a theory for why Petro brings it up now:
Ned Wigglesworth, an analyst for, a California-based government watchdog group that is part of Reform Ohio Now, said the three law firms representing Ohio First have received some $10 million in special counsel contracts from Petro's office from 2003-2005 and that employees of those firms have contributed about $140,000 to Petro in the past 15 years.

This relationship has meant "campaign cash" for Petro, "an attorney general to do some of (the) lifting" for Ohio First, and "more corruption and more scandal" for the people of Ohio, Wigglesworth said.

Petro strongly denied any relationship between the friend of the court brief and campaign contributions.
The always-ready Petro fired back with this witty riposte:
"That's ridiculous," he said.
We guess Petro is mighty proud of how he put that Wigglesworth guy in his place.


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