Thursday, September 29, 2005


On a totally different subject . . .

Haven't seen too much of this on the Ohio blogs, so we thought we go on record as thinking the Bob Dylan piece on PBS Monday and Tuesday was great (seriously). We found it thought provoking and moving, despite the fact that the majority of reviews seem to dislike it.

We'd seen tapes plenty of times before of the Newport F. F. set and the booing, but we had never seen anything that showed the relentlessness and intensity of the press conferences in the 1965-66 era. Sheesh - no wonder the guy felt trapped.

Besides Dylan, Joan Baez came off as remarkably human. And, it was a brilliant piece of casting to have Tim Robbins play Al Kooper. Along with Liam Clancy, Kooper stood out as one of the characters who seemed to really enjoy his memories of that period and had a strong sense of humor about his life in the music business.


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