Friday, September 09, 2005


Taft, Bush fare badly in Marietta Times "poll"

There is nothing statistically significant in a voluntary opinion poll conducted by the Marietta Times at the paper's booth at the Washington County Fair booth, but it does provide some interesting hints about the mood of the populace outside the big cities of Ohio:
60.1 percent of participants are not in favor of how President Bush is handling the war in Iraq.

54.3 percent of participants think Taft should resign in light of his recent admission of guilt in court of failure to report information to the Ohio Ethics Commission.

. . .

In one of the two national questions asked in the poll, the majority of participants — 57.1 percent vs. 42.8 percent of 112 votes — agreed that people speaking out against the war in Iraq were not hurting the war effort.

One of the two questions on statewide issues found that 72.5 percent of the 113 people who responded to the question support U.S. Rep. Ted Strickland’s candidacy for Ohio governor.


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