Saturday, September 10, 2005


What they tell the kids

The failure of the children to stop Katrina. The little weasels! How dare they not pray for and care about Michael Brown after they have learned that:
Growing up in "tornado alley," Michael D. Brown was raised in Oklahoma and had a basset hound named Roosevelt and a dachshund named Eisenhower. When he was a boy there were many tornadoes and he recalls a time when he went into his grandparents' storm shelter during a particularly big one! He enjoyed fishing, hiking and camping as well as debate, speech and history classes in school.

With his team at FEMA, Michael Brown doesn't just help when things go wrong, he also works to keep people safe in case a disaster happens, by providing training for firefighters and emergency managers and a flood insurance program, along with many other things!

Mr. Brown followed his dream to be a lawyer and went to law school after getting his college degree and was an attorney in Colorado and Oklahoma. He has been a part of FEMA since 2001.


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