Monday, September 19, 2005


Whither Ohio's Congressional reps/candidates on Davis Bacon?

Josh at TPM has been banging the drum about Bush's Gulf Coast Wage Cut, and asks like he did with the Administration's Social Security plan, "Who is Congress is backing the White House on this bullshit?"

Okay, where are Ohio's congressional reps on this issue. Actually, we think we really don't really have to ask about the Democrats in Congress for Ohio since they have uniformly been supporting of the Prevailing Wage concept in the past.

With the Republicans, we only know the answer for sure about one: Steve Chabot. He was apparently cocky enough to have signed a Sept. 7 letter advocating such a cut.

But what about the others? We thought, hell, there are a lot of Ohio Dem candidates for Congress that have set up websites - surely they will have some info on where their opponents stand. Alas, we were totally disappointed to find that none of them could shine a light on where Deb Pryce, Paul Gillmor, Dave Hobson, Steve LaTourette and Ralph Regula stand on Prevailing Wage, let alone the rest of the GOP's motley crew.

If any of those candidates know, or if any readers feel like calling the offices of some of these Republicans from Ohio, we'd sure like to publish the results and forward them to TPM.


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