Sunday, October 30, 2005


Blade series documents 'pay-to-play'

This should be lots and lots of fun. The Toledo paper opens an important series documenting the one-hand-washes-the-other culture that permeates Ohio's politics:
The Blade assembled a team of six reporters to investigate how the Bush-Cheney campaign raised millions to win the Buckeye State.

Using raw data, the reporters assembled portraits of each of the top fund-raisers' poltical donations. They also built a database of checks cut by the state over the last five years and mined federal databases to track the state and federal dollars paid to the firms of Ohio's Pioneers and Rangers.

Over the next four days, The Blade will introduce you to the 29 men and women who engineered a fund-raising landslide for Mr. Bush in Ohio and helped deliver him a narrow victory in the state.
Today in separate stories, The Blade documents the enormous payback in public contracts and appointments for Ohio's top Bush/Cheney fundraisers, Noe's political ambitions and goals, Ron- Beshear's and Doug Corn's high level fundraising among conservative Christians and profiles top GOP contributor and schemer David Brennan.


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