Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Hackett, Brown or both?

Lot's of buzz today about who's in to run against Mike DeWine. The AP has a story about Hackett deciding to run, plus some info on DeWine's position vis a vis the Miers nomination.

But several sources such as the WaPo say Sherrod Brown's back in. Jerome at MyDD is backing Brown but with appropriate props to Hackett, and the comments to his post are worth wading thru.

The OH-02 blog will be in Hackett's corner and is another good place to watch. Maybe the corollary to that blog is GrowOhio, and we are waiting for when GO maestro Tim Tagaris weighs in on the matter. He's yet to post, but there is a least one GrowOhio thread on the Hackett/Brown nominations started by others.


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