Friday, October 14, 2005


MotoPhoto honcho bankrolling anti-RON actions?

One of the sleuth diarists at Kos says so. MotoPhoto is a franchise one-stop photography store based in Dayton:
After the meeting Kimberly Fletcher, president of the Anti-RON Homemakers for America, disclosed to me that MotoPhoto's President and CEO Harry Loyle is partially bankrolling (at least with inkind support) anti-RON efforts in Montgomery County. To find out why Harry is interested in obstructing good government reform, feel free to contact him at or 937-854-6686 ext. 255 (I'm not positive that works). [ed. note: they also have toll-free number: 800-454-6686]
Sounds like a good time for a phone call to MotoPhoto HQ to discuss your photo purchasing preferences. Seriously, nearly all of these photo stores are in a major financial squeeze and are increasingly unable to compete with the WalMarts and Walgreens in photo finishing let alone the increased used of high quality home printers. Bad publicity is the last thing they need, so let it rip.


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