Saturday, October 29, 2005


Noe's pals?

Here's what we think:
Joe Kidd, a former executive director of the Lucas County Board of Elections, $2,000 given to Bush/Cheney 11/4/05.
Susan Metzger, former executive assistant at Vintage Coins and Collectibles & chairman of the Bush-Cheney efforts in Lucas County, $2000 given 10/30/03
Mike Boyle, Toltest Inc., $2,000 given 10/31/03
Paul Swy, chairman of M.T.S. Seating, $2,000 given 10/31/05
Philip Swy, executive with M.T.S. Seating, $1,000 given 10/31/03
Denise Swy, Lauel Manor, $1,000 given 10/31/03
Bart Kulish, vice president M.T.S. Seating, $2,000 given 10/31/03
Joe Restivo, CFO of M.T.S. Seating and Noe brother-in-law, $2,000 given 11/3/03
Sally Perz, former state representative, $2,000 given 10/30/03
Allison Perz, Ohio Council of Community Schools, $2,000 given 10/31/03
Joe Perz, Central Catholic, $2,000 given 10/30/03
Betty Shultz, Toledo City Councilwoman, $2,000 given 10/30/03
Donna Owens, former Toledo mayor, $2,000 

given 11/3/03
Maggie Thurber, Lucas County Commissioner, $1,950 given 10/31/03
Sam Thurber, $1,950 given 10/31/03
Larry Kaczala, Lucas Co., $2,000 given 11/5/03
Gina-Marie Kaczala, $2,000 given 11/5/03
Michael Wilcox, CEO of Wilcox Financial, $2,000 given 11/6/05
Jan Wilcox, $2,000 given 11/5/03
Linda LaPoint, State of Ohio secretary, $2,000 given 10/31/03
Timothy LaPoint, Vintage Coin, $2,000 given 10/31/03
Corrine Mann, $2,000 given 10/31/03
Jeffrey Mann, jewelry store owner, $2,000 given 10/31/03
Patsy Hoag, broker Capital First LLC, $2,000 given 10/31/2003
Paul Hoag, Bush Electoral College voter, $2,000 given 10/31/2003
Our guess on 'super' friends: Susan Metzger and Tim LaPoint.

And, we are wondering who is squawking about whom? Theodore Wasky, the SAIC at the Cleveland FBI office, seemed to be suggesting that it's Let's Make A Deal time:
“I would encourage anyone with information to get on the train.

“Either you’re on the train or you are on the tracks, and the train is coming down those tracks,” Mr. Wasky said.
As Jimmy M. used to sing, "The time for hesitations through."


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