Thursday, October 27, 2005


Other's involved in Noe money laundering

The AP/ONN updates the Noe story with this item:
Several Toledo-area politicians who attended the Bush fundraiser and contributed testified before the grand jury this summer. Prosecutors would not reveal the names of those who Noe gave the money to before the fundraiser or say if any of them would be charged.

The indictment said Noe and those who gave his money to Bush had conspired together to violate the contribution limits. Two people who received just over $20,000 from Noe recruited others who then gave money in their own names, the indictment said. [emphasis added]
We are anxious to see who these two people are. The indictment refers do them as "super conduits" in Noe's conspiracy. We suspect one or both of the super conduits cut a deal with the prosecutors quite a while back and his/her testimony was a significant factor in Noe's indictment.

There were also 22 "ordinary" conduits involved in the scheme.


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