Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Push-polling reported in Ohio

From Soapblox Colorado, via a Kos diary:
Sources have confirmed that these push polls are being paid for (at least in part) by the Grover Norquist related "issues" group Americans for Tax Reform.

. . .

[T]he number of hits this site has been getting from searches for this number has been increasing. At first, the searchers were all from Colorado, but late this evening we got 4 different Google and/or Yahoo searches for this number from Ohio.

Ohio is also having a special election this November to radically change the political outlook of the state--something that would seriously hurt the Norquist connected elements that function in my home state. Safe to say Grover is against the reforms in Ohio, and Grover is against the reforms in Colorado.
As several folks close to the Reform Ohio Now campaign have noted, the RNC national network is heavily vested in the defeat of Issues 2-5 and is going to pull out all the stops including calling on the folks like Norquist. This is an all-out battle for an all-important state.


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