Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Slime-o-the-day: Kevin O'Brien

It must be some secret rule that every editorial page must have a designated douchebag that is assigned to see that the inane ramblings of the publisher make it on to the editorial pages. At the Dispatch, for example, senior douchman John F. Wolfe has junior doucher Glenn Sheller.

At the Plain Dealer, Alex Machaskee's man with the rubber bag seems to be Kevin O'Brien, the papers deputy editorial director. Kevin is the one who was tapped last week to write a column meant to foreshadow the thumbs down his boss gave to the RON amendments this weekend.

Our point here isn't to take issue with his column. (Who can argue with such gems as, "Where do you go to argue with an unelected mathematician?").

Instead, our point here is to shed a little more light on the mind of Kevin O'Brien by highlighting a different column of his that we had intended to post about several months ago.

The context of the column was the event at the I-X center commemorating the deaths of the Ohio marines killed in Iraq this summer. We leave it up to you to read the whole thing, but you'll get a sense of his third-rate bombastic imitation of Bill O'Reilly from this:
"Our boys have gone to war for a lie and under false pretenses," prattled a protester, whose name does not deserve mention in a column about heroes.

There's nothing new about such statements. They're the standard anti-war talking points. We've heard them and read them so often now that many people barely think of them as having meaning. They're just part of the same old, tired political script - background noise.

But think for a moment about what those statements really mean: The president is the enemy, and our military men and women are fighting so that evil will triumph.
and this:
every time some confused protester scrawls his ignorance on a sign and holds it up for the eager cameras of the controversy-obsessed media, the real enemy's resolve is strengthened.
Kevin-boy has painted himself into quite a corner given that we know pretty conclusively from the Traitorgate investigation who lied to the American people and undercut the intelligence services of the nation.

But take some Dramamine and read the entire piece to fully grasp who has their hands on the Plain Dealer's editorials.


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