Monday, October 24, 2005


Tale of two papers on Issue 4

The Akron Beacon-Journal:
We recommend a yes vote on Issue 4.

. . .

It would ensure a stronger measure of competition, bringing greater attention to issues that affect all Ohioans. That would significantly advance the state.
The Cleveland Plain Dealer:
Vote "no" on Issue 4: There is no doubt that Ohio needs a new system of drawing boundaries for legislative and congressional districts. Sometime in the next five years, the legislature should take steps to craft a better system, as the present method has stifled competition and is based entirely on politics.
The douchebaggery of PD publisher Alex Machaskee knows no bounds. Let us recall that Machaskee tried to overrule the paper's editorial board last year with a Bush endorsement only to face a staff revolt, and only a "no endorsement" decision prevented open rebellion.

We suspect that the twisted logic behind Machaskee's opinion of Issues 3, 4 and 5 isn't supported by the entire editorial board either. It's not about what's best for Cleveland, or Ohio or the citizens of the state. It's not about the wholesale corruption that has engulfed the political system at every level from the Statehouse to the White House. It's not about growing voter cynicism and sense of betrayal about fundamental issues like jobs, pensions, health care and education. For Machaskee, it's about punishing the dimwits in the ODP:
But perhaps the most troubling aspect of Issue 4 is that it is such a brazen attempt by Democrats to compensate for their enormous political failings by changing the rules in the middle of the game. Having lost every election for state offices since 1994, the woefully inept Ohio Democratic Party doesn't have a clue about how to recruit or elect good candidates.
Machaskee then gets a little delusional:
Ohio's congressional delegation currently has more clout in Washington than it has had in decades. We see no reason to jeopardize that standing simply because Democrats don't know how to win elections.
No reason to jeopardize that standing??!! Exactly what has Ohio - or Cleveland for that matter - gotten from its current congressional lineup, more specifically, it's Republican members?

WTF Alex? Isn't this the same delegation that gleefully wasted months trying to sabotage the retirements of millions of Ohioans by trying to sell everyone on the idea of abolishing Social Security? Isn't this the same delegation that jammed bogus bankruptcy "reforms" down our throats. Isn't this the same delegation that subscribes to the terrifyingly false patriotism of unquestioned loyalty to the Commander in Chief?

Worst of all is for Machaskee to suggest that the Republican czars of the Ohio General Assembly would "take steps to craft a better system" that doesn't stifle competition and isn't based entirely on politics. This is such a dishonest assertion that we have to believe that even Machaskee cringed when he wrote it.


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