Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Update on Kevin O'Brien

In response to yesterday's rant about the PD's rubber hose & bag guy Kevin O'Brien, we received a couple of questions.

Yes, by all accounts, Kevin wrote the wrote - on behalf of Alex Machaskee - the infamous editorial that was to be the Plain Dealer's endorsement of George W. Bush in 2004. You know, the one that had all (or nearly all) of the other members of the e-board up in arms. From Salon:
After overruling its board, the Newhouse-owned paper was set to run an endorsement of Bush at Machaskee's behest last Sunday, written by deputy editorial director Kevin O'Brien, a staunch conservative."
Yes, O'Brien is really a few eggs short of a dozen when it comes to judging political character. Take this sage bit of advice - provided with no tongue in cheek - that he provided during the debates (from the same Salon article, since the PD has no archive service):
Immediately before the vice presidential debate in Cleveland on Oct. 5, O'Brien wrote a column giving Dick Cheney advice on how to win the debate: "The Democrats and their media sympathizers have spent four-plus years making you out to be a mean old sourpuss who hasn't cracked a smile since public hangings went out of fashion. Take this opportunity to remind America that you're a human being possessed of a wealth of knowledge and experience and a wry sense of humor."
We think that Patrick Fitzgerald has also become endeared to Cheney's 'wry sense of humor' over the past few weeks.

Finally, yes we think O'Brien is a perfect candidate for Operation Yellow Elephant since he is so gungho about making absolutely sure that no one supports the troops any more than he.


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