Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Who should suck it up first?

Publicly we are staying out of the Paul Hackett/Sherrod Brown spat. We let our feelings be known privately to those that need to know them.

In regard to the comments from bloggers, if nothing else, one has to give considerable respect to the views of creative, insightful folks like Chris Bowers, Tim Tagaris, Bob Brigham and others who were there from the early days for Paul Hackett. They spent a lot a time and effort raising money, volunteers and most importantly raising Hackett's profile. The sensed an opportunity with Hackett that very, very few others did.

Then there are publicity blowhards like Tim Russo who somehow think they have some credibility to announce to the world that Paul Hackett should suck it up.

Let us remind blogsville of the wisdom Russo was giving out before the OH-02 election:
Hackett Will Lose. Period.

. . .

It ain't gonna happen, and the irrational exuberance of the lefty blogosphere over this race is a good study in just how irrelevant the loud, lefty blogosphere makes itself.

First, the district. OH-02 is a Republican seat. Rock. Solid. Portman's been winning the seat with over 70% of the vote. The Republican who won her hotly contested primary, Jean Schmidt, received more votes than the votes cast for every Democrat in the Democratic primary combined. There aren't enough Democrats in this district to elect a Democrat. It's like running a white guy in Stephanie Tubbs Jones' district. Throw in the fact that this is a low turnout special election, in AUGUST, and it is simply impossible to imagine any Democrat getting enough people to the polls to threaten, let alone win.
And there was this gem: mean trailer park dwelling independent voters in rural Scioto County, Ohio, aren't responding very well to a call from a guy wearing Birkenstocks on a cell phone calling from a Starbucks in Berkeley, CA to talk about Iraq in between sips on his latte? Shocking.
As a matter of fact, we can't recall one positive thing Russo did to encourage donations or volunteers, or to offer in a way of strategy and tactics regarding Hacketts race.

Russo proclaimed that he had to "eat crow" after the Hackett/Schmidt race turned out to be so close. But admitting you were wrong and understanding why you were wrong are two very different things. He shows no signs of any serious re-thinking of what's fundamentally wrong in how he sees the political world. He's kind of like the wife beater who knows its wrong but keeps doing it anyway.

To us, Russo is a uncreative, bombastic typist with centrist politics who thinks its cute to throw verbal bombs. While it may be true that Hackett has to "suck it up," hearing it from a douchebag like Russo makes us want to run to the nearest toilet and puke.


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