Thursday, November 03, 2005


At least the witch is honest

We get a weird kind of happy/nausea every time we hear Kevin DeWine and Bill Harris crying about how the current system is flawed by RON is a bad solution. Their concerns about the current "flaws" are a transparent joke, but we love it when reporters call them out about being such hypocrites.

But, Jean Schmidt, Ohio's newest congresswomwn, clears up the GOP point of view:
Why replace something that is not only not broken, but is working very well? The current elections process in Ohio is competitive, well tested and contains safeguards in a place well-known for being a "battleground" state.
Working very well? Hmmm . . .
Not to change the subject, somewhat, and maybe we've missed other bloggers that have pointed this out, but if we weren't totally convinced that Ann Coulter is the devil's own spawn, we swear Jean Schmidt might be Ann's mom. Just look at the similarity.



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