Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Coleman to bow out [Updated 2:40 pm]

Look for Mike Coleman to announce his pulling out of the governor's race today.

We are pretty sure that all is not doom and gloom for him. He could end up being in an enviable position as the mayor of the largest city in Ohio if Strickland wins. Coleman knows that he is young enough to still have plenty of political opportunities ahead.

[Update 1] The Dispatch has posted it's story here.

[Update 2] The Blade story is here.

It's also worth a comment or two about Coleman leaving the race now. Regardless of whether we will know everything that went into the decision, it's a classy thing for Mayor Coleman to leave now, and to do it with grace. Ultimately, it is also a very good thing for the party and a good move career-wise for him.

Clearly, some things have impacted his campaign that were beyond Coleman's control. And, few parents wouldn't have been totally distracted by having a son or daughter in combat areas in Iraq. Issuewise, even in his abbreviated campaign, Mike made needed progress in highlighting the need to address poverty in Ohio.


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