Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Conduits check list

A couple of weeks ago we published our own guess at who is on the prosecutors list of conduits and "super" conduits that helped Tom Noe launder his campaign contributions. We listed 25.

According to Blade reporters who obtained a copy of a affidavit by federal investigators, we seem to be on the money so far. This story confirms the following conduits:
Mann, Perz and Swy also had family members who gave similar donations. Press reports from a while back indicated they had a list of 24 conduits, so 11 names are still missing and we are sticking to our original list for now. In addition, we still think there actually may be 25 conduits based on the donations amounts.

It seems we were wrong about one of the "super" conduits. We had guess that the two were Susan Metzger and Tim LaPoint, but this affidavit indicates that one of them was Restivo.


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