Tuesday, November 29, 2005


How low can you go?

For Taft, it's unclear. John Zogby is not averse to a little hyperbole, but we gotta take his comments at face value, although we have some major doubts about online polling. Bush's 46% sounds about right for Ohio, too, as does the approval rating for the Ohio GOP and DP:
[J]ust 6.5 percent of Ohio voters view the embattled GOP governor very or somewhat favorably. Barely 3 percent rate his job performance as "good" or "excellent."

"I'm not aware of anyone who's ever sunk lower," pollster John Zogby said.

. . .

Mr. Bush, for his part, registered a 46 percent favorable rating in the poll.

Nearly 50 percent of Zogby respondents said Mr. Taft ran a "purposely corrupt" administration as governor, while 33 percent called his office the victim of "corrupt in-dividuals who scammed the state."

. . .

Ohio's results show voters, despite their anger with Mr. Taft, divided evenly over which political party they trust to run state government, with 38 percent choosing Democrats and 37 percent Republicans.

Asked which party was more "organized and effective," 52 percent said Republicans, compared to 12 percent for Democrats, who haven't won a statewide executive election in 15 years and who are currently looking for a new state party chairman. Only 30 percent - mostly self-declared Democrats - said it was time for a change in state government because no party should lead the state uninterrupted for so long.


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